Global Health Graduate Joint Online Initiative

“The World Health Organization and the World Bank project a shortage of  40–50 million health and social care workers globally by 2030.” — WHO Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030, 
presented to Executive Board, January 2016

The University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health and the University of California, San Francisco Global Health Sciences are collaborating on a joint online global health initiative geared towards graduate students that encompasses leadership in this space through both institutions’ various research and education endeavors in global health sciences and public health, as well as proven success in online learning. This collaboration brings together world-renowned distinguished faculty in one place giving students the ability to leverage complementary skills, capacities, interdisciplinary solutions, and programs to impact today’s complex global health challenges.

The program offers online courses that can be taken by students, professionals, and executives looking for a range of in-depth graduate-level learning about global health. There are three introductory graduate-level courses which will focus on the fundamentals: Global Health Foundations, Global Health Systems, and Global Health Ethics. They can be taken separately or together as a module for global health.


Through these courses, students will be able to gain a trans-disciplinary perspective of how global challenges are being addressed in the field across public health and health science disciplines. In the courses, faculty will share their real-world experience conducting research studies and interventions throughout the world. Students learn multiple perspectives on global health problems and solutions in a dynamic learning environment that emphasizes active participation, peer teaching, problem-solving, and discussion so they can rise to become active leaders helping to solve the world’s biggest challenges.


Course objectives include:



Global Health Principles

Define global health and describe the basic tenets of principles of global public health


Proactive Learning

Identify major global health threats including infectious disease, non-communicable disease; and critically appraise strategies to respond (i.e. vaccines, prevention, control, etc.)


Dynamic Contributors

Describe the roles of diverse members of the global health community such as key bilateral/multilateral institutions, political bodies, NGOs that contribute to health promotion and policies.


Analytical Approaches

Evaluate interventions using different frameworks that are designed to improve global health

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