Graduate Certificates

Health Management & Leadership Graduate Certificate

With this certificate you will gain an introduction to active theories and perspectives in management and organizational theory. You will acquire a solid comprehension of a diverse set of frameworks and theories relevant to understanding health care delivery and its leadership, including finance, strategic planning, analysis, and implementation.
*Additional prerequisite for this Certificate is to have taken a statistics or epidemiology graduate-level course.

Summer-1 ‘17 — Health Policy and Management (breadth*) (PHW200W)
Fall ‘17 — Organizational Behavior (PHW224)
Spring ‘18 — Strategic Management (PHW223)
Summer-2 ‘18 — Healthcare Finance (PHW227a)

Global Health Graduate Certificate

This certificate offers an in-depth review of some of the most important aspects of Global Health. Through three courses taught by global health faculty from UC Berkeley and UCSF Global Health Sciences, students gain a true trans-disciplinary perspective of how global challenges are being addressed in the field across public health and health science disciplines.Courses:

Fall ‘17  — Global Health Foundations (coming soon)
Spring ‘18  — Global Health Systems Summer (PHW209)
2018  — Monitoring & Evaluation (coming soon)

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Management Graduate Certificate

With government-imposed disaster readiness regulations impacting health care across the country, emergency preparedness and disaster management is a crucial issue for public health practitioners today. This certificate is designed to provide training and education on public health organization, emergency preparedness, and response to large-scale emergencies and disasters.

Spring ‘18  — Emergency Preparedness (PHW257)
Summer ‘18  — Global Disaster Management (PHW258)
Fall ‘18  — Hospital Preparedness (PHW257a)


There are a couple of prerequisite to enroll in a SPH Online Graduate Certificate program:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution
  • Have a minimum of two years of post-baccalaureate work experience. (Work experience in the health or public health sectors is not required.)

You can pre-register by filling out the online form.

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