Graduate Modules

Health Management & Leadership Graduate Modules

With this module, you will gain an introduction to active theories and perspectives in management and organizational theory. You will acquire a solid comprehension of a diverse set of frameworks and theories relevant to understanding health care delivery and its leadership, including finance, strategic planning, analysis, and implementation.
* An additional prerequisite for this Module is required. You’ll need a statistics or epidemiology graduate-level course which you can take with us or with another school.

Summer-1 ‘17 — Health Policy and Management (breadth*) (PHW200W)
Fall ‘17 — Organizational Behavior (PHW224)
Spring ‘18 — Strategic Management (PHW223)
Summer-2 ‘18 — Healthcare Finance (PHW227a)

Global Health Graduate Module

This module offers an in-depth review of some of the most important aspects of Global Health. Through three courses taught by global health faculty from UC Berkeley and UCSF Global Health Sciences, students gain a true trans-disciplinary perspective of how global challenges are being addressed in the field across public health and health science disciplines.Courses:

Fall ‘17  — Global Health Foundations (coming soon)
Spring ‘18  — Global Health Systems Summer (PHW209)
2018  — Monitoring & Evaluation (coming soon)

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Management Graduate Module

With government-imposed disaster readiness regulations impacting health care across the country, emergency preparedness and disaster management is a crucial issue for public health practitioners today. This module is designed to provide training and education on public health organization, emergency preparedness, and response to large-scale emergencies and disasters.

Spring ‘18  — Emergency Preparedness (PHW257)
Summer ‘18  — Global Disaster Management (PHW258)
Fall ‘18  — Hospital Preparedness (PHW257a)

Ergonomics Module

Workplace wellness is increasingly becoming a part of the conversation in the realm of health.
Companies are looking to incorporate a well-rounded scope of benefits to increase wellness of their
employees and ergonomics is consistently becoming a priority. This module aims to focus on
practical knowledge that will guide individuals to better implement and advise on physical and
cognitive ergonomics.

Fall ‘18  — Physical Ergonomics (PHW269A)
Spring ‘18  — Cognitive Ergonomics (PHW269B)
Spring‘18  — Fundamentals of Ergonomics (PHW269C)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Module

Geographic information systems (GIS) are software and methods for the organization, storage,
retrieval, and analysis of data which has a spatial (location) attribute (e.g. incidence/prevalence of a
specific disease condition in relation to a specific exposure, contaminant or demographic). For
many health professionals whose work is in the realm of the social sciences, natural sciences of
both, GIS has proved to be an invaluable tool in the last decade and its use is growing exponentially
in the public health sector. This module is designed to provide an introduction to GIS, practical
experience in the use of GIS software tools, and apply data to real world situations.

Spring ‘18  — Intro to GIS for Public Health (PHW257)
Spring ‘18  — GIS for Public Health Practice (PHW272B)
Fall ‘18  — Applied Spatial Data for Public Health (PHW272C)


There are a couple of prerequisites to enroll in an SPH Online Graduate Module:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution
  • Have a minimum of two years of post-baccalaureate work experience. (Work experience in the health or public health sectors is not required.)

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