Public Health Field Practicum

How it Works

The field practice (practicum) component of the UC Berkeley’s Online Masters in Public Health provides a structured pathway for students to obtain practical experience within the field of public health and an opportunity to practice the skills they have acquired in the curriculum. The program encourages students to use this practicum requirement to broaden their exposure to working opportunities in the field of public health and to expand their network of professional contacts. Self-direction with structured guidance is the operating model.

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“As a physician, I feel like I do a pretty good job of taking care of individual patients. However, I discovered that I lacked the knowledge and the skills to care for groups of patients or populations of people. The Online MPH Program allowed me to obtain that knowledge and develop those skills while maintaining my commitments and accountabilities to work and family. ”

Tim Ho, Class of 2014

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“I work full time as an obstetrician. I found the more time I spent tending to sick patients, the more I wanted to work on prevention. I wanted to understand everything that affects our health. This program gave me the platform. I gained the knowledge to change the way I speak to patients, giving healthier advice and health education toward prevention. ”

Sukhminder Khurana

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