Online Degree Basics

Schedule Map out your schedule and other commitments. Think about your top priorities at work and at home, and what you may be able to shift to create regular blocks of time for readings and assignments.
Money Consider researching scholarships and options for financial aid if needed, and talk to your employer to find out if they can contribute to your education through an Employer Sponsored Professional Advancement program. The U.S. Department of Labor Scholarship Search Tool  and general information about federal student aid are great resources.
Time Utilize time and resource management tips from the experts. Read how to optimize your time management here and here.
Technology You’ll be spending a lot of time online; make sure you have the right tools to make it happen. Make sure you have a strong internet connection that can support videos and online meetings. You’ll need access to a computer with a webcam/microphone to connect with your professors and cohort.

Studying to achieve your master’s degree in public health will mean a big leap forward in your career- the benefits you gain simultaneously working while completing your studies, as well as the opportunity to connect with others in your field is unparalleled. But it’s important to remember that working full time while going to graduate school is a challenge.

Achieving true success means finding a balance between your work, school and home life. Balance doesn’t mean doing a little of everything all the time, but prioritizing certain areas of your life over others and making sacrifices. Equally important is checking in with yourself and your professors about how you are doing and setting realistic goals. This balancing act is not easy, so we’ve put together some resources that you can rely on as you progress throughout this journey, from your first class all the way to graduation day.

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For more information on how to balance work as an online student, check out the resources below:


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