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“I was so deeply impacted by the program, at every level—personally and professionally—and wanted to stay connected in any way I could. The program is designed for people like me—established professionals who are in the middle of their career and who are deciding what’s next for them. I was driven to advance my skills, but more importantly to find my identity in the field. ”

Shannon Dickerson, Class of 2014

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“As a physician, I feel like I do a pretty good job of taking care of individual patients. However, I discovered that I lacked the knowledge and the skills to care for groups of patients or populations of people. The Online MPH Program allowed me to obtain that knowledge and develop those skills while maintaining my commitments and accountabilities to work and family. ”

Tim Ho, Class of 2014

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“It’s encouraging to know that support continues after graduation from both program staff and fellow classmates. After completing the program, I moved up in management, and knowing how to work with my customers and serve them and their needs is almost as important as knowing how to work with your team to accomplish challenging and complex tasks in a stressful environment.”

Korie Hickle, Class of 2014

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“I work full time as an obstetrician. I found the more time I spent tending to sick patients, the more I wanted to work on prevention. I wanted to understand everything that affects our health. This program gave me the platform. I gained the knowledge to change the way I speak to patients, giving healthier advice and health education toward prevention. ”

Sukhminder Khurana

“Having this degree is incredibly important to me as I view it as a passing of a ‘baton of responsibility’ to ethically improve the public health of my community for the rest of my career. I was able to implement new best practices based on what has worked for other students in my classes. I incorporate things I learned in the Online MPH program on a daily basis. ”

Jennifer Dunphy, Class of 2014

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“The curriculum in this program is spot-on. The health policy course is timely and relevant with all the new developments in health reform. I conduct research to inform policies, healthy behaviors, and best practices. In class, I hear the other side of my work—how this translates in the practices of the other students. It’s inspiring to have classmates with diverse backgrounds and levels of expertise. ”

Amy Ellerbe, Class of 2014

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