Public Health Practicum

How it Works

The field practice (practicum) component of the UC Berkeley’s Online Master in Public Health provides a structured pathway for students to obtain practical experience within the field of public health and an opportunity to practice the skills they have acquired in the curriculum. The program encourages students to use this practicum requirement to broaden their exposure to working opportunities in the field of public health and to expand their network of professional contacts. Self-direction with structured guidance is the operating model.

Practicum Sites – We Get Local, We Get Global!


Toronto, Canada
Hamilton, New Zealand
Valbonne, France
Chhattisgarh, India
Maharashtra, India
Monrovia, Liberia
Neno, Malawi

United States

Northern California
Southern California
Washington D.C.

North Carolina

Hear What Our Students Have to Say!

Olivia Dean, Food Research and Action Center, Washington DC

I loved gaining a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of poverty, nutrition, and health. It all reaffirmed my passion for public health!”

Spencer Hagan, The Life Expectancy Project, Berkeley, CA

The public health skills I gained in the practicum, like data collection, analysis and leadership, are all utilized everyday [at my current job].”

Marlena Smith-Millman, Strategies to End Homelessness, Cincinnati, OH

Watching diverse groups and perspectives come together in pursuit of the common goal of ending youth homelessness has been incredibly rewarding for me.

Jaime Robbins, The Life Expectancy Project, Berkeley, CA

“Each case I worked on impacted me and showed in detail the level of health disparities across the globe and the urgent need to address those imbalances.”