Transform your Community and Career with an Online MPH

The Berkeley Online Professional Masters in Public Health program provides:

  • Two year online program with 1 campus visit each year
  • An interdisciplinary curriculum that opens up a wide range of careers
  • Access to career and student life resources designed for the needs of working professionals
  • Dedicated faculty, staff and fellow students: 98% of students admitted to the program go on to graduate!

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School of Public Health News Feed

Meet Graduate Jennifer Dunphy, Class of 2015

After receiving her M.B.A. from Loyola Marymount University in 2012, Jennifer Dunphy knew she needed complementary education to excel in population health management. While the M.B.A. gives her such technical skills as statistical analysis and financial modeling, her recently acquired UC Berkeley On-Campus/Online Master’s in Public Health degree provides the context and intimate knowledge of the health care system.

read more What First Case of Sexually Transmitted Ebola Means for Public Health

It has long been known that the Ebola virus can remain in semen for months after patients have recovered from the disease. But two studies published on 14 October in the New England Journal of Medicine1, 2 have raised concerns that sexual transmission of the virus might cause flare-ups of Ebola in West Africa after the region has been declared Ebola-free. Nature explains the implications of the findings.

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Policy Innovations: Fighting Obesity Requires a Choice, Profit or Public Health?

In the last three decades, the prevalence of obesity has increased rapidly worldwide. The World Health Organization estimated that each year over 2.8 million people die because of being overweight or obese. Unless governments take steps to promote healthy diets and discourage consumption of ultra-processed products, chances to stop and reverse the obesity epidemic remain quite slim. Until now, market-oriented solutions have proven incapable of solving this societal problem.

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Meet Graduate Shannon Dickerson

Although Shannon Dickerson earned the On-Campus/Online Professional Master of Public Health (OOMPH) degree in December 2014, she is adamant about staying involved with the program. And that meant becoming a program ambassador, navigating prospective students through the decision-making process.

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For a Louisiana health official, learning never ends

If you were to picture your idea of a typical Berkeley MPH student, someone like John Thomas “J.T.” Lane would probably not be the first—second, third, or fourth—person to come to mind. As assistant secretary for public health with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH), he leads a large team responsible for improving the health and well-being of the entire state of Louisiana.

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Due to higher education regulation changes, UC Berkeley is unable to accept applications for admission to the Online Master of Public Health program from students residing in Maryland and Montana.  For questions, please contact us at