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Interdisciplinary Program

Our Interdisciplinary program offers a specialized, customizable curriculum designed to meet the needs of working professionals with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and specific public health career goals in mind. The program focuses on an interdisciplinary understanding of complex issues and the leadership challenges of successful interventions in public health.

Course Requirements and Program Options

Epidemiology & Biostatistics Concentration

Students in the Epidemiology and Biostatistics concentration study the factors that underlie health and disease in human populations, including the analysis of data to develop and evaluate strategies for disease prevention and control. In this online program, students will acquire proficiency in both epidemiology and biostatistics and will be able to immediately apply these skills to improve the effectiveness of public health programs.

Course Requirements and Electives

Health Policy & Management Concentration

Our Health Policy & Managemencoursework serves a variety of professionals — from clinicians to managers to policy leaders — across a range of healthcare areas, including hospitals and health systems, pharma/biotech, medical devices, health insurers, government agencies, think tanks, consulting firms, and digital health.  Whether you seek to advance in your current organization or pivot into the health policy and management space, the Health Policy & Management (HPM) concentration will support you!  As Berkeley Public Health MPH students you will gain the knowledge and skills to become a high impact performer. You will develop relationships with both fellow students and key partners and foster the adaptability needed to work across the healthcare sector. You will enjoy experiences in and out of the classroom that challenge convention, set new trends, and help you grow as a healthcare leader.

Course Requirements and Electives

Nutrition Concentration

Our Nutrition Program trains current and future leaders in food and nutrition research, policy, and practice to identify current and emerging public health nutrition challenges and solutions. The program is structured to provide the skills needed to contribute to scientific understanding of public health nutrition challenges, create healthy food systems, identify and advocate for effective food policies, and plan, implement, and evaluate programs to improve population nutrition and health. You will learn to lead at local, state, national, and global levels to tackle nutrition challenges and to improve population diet and health.

Course Requirements and Electives

Graduate Certificate in Health Management

Given the complexities involved in health system reform, advancing equity, and being good stewards of scarce resources there has been an increased demand for professionals who have skills in applied managerial decision-making in the healthcare sector.

Effectively managing a diverse array of organizations that operate in this sector requires specialized knowledge and expertise in several key disciplines including an understanding of organizational and financial structures within organizations, as well as experience with strategic planning and implementation.

The new Graduate Certificate in Health Management from the Health Policy & Management Division at the School of Public Health supports graduate students at UC Berkeley in developing these critical competencies through a comprehensive trio  of toolkit courses that focus on skill building, frameworks, and applied learning.  These courses complement a wide range of existing degree programs and will appear on official graduate transcripts.

Course Requirements

Healthy People, Locally and Globally

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