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Welcome to the On-Campus/Online Professional MPH degree program at UC Berkeley!

We look forward to meeting each of you virtually, and we are especially excited to meet you in person when you come to campus for the summer visit. We would like to invite you to think of us as partners in your education, so please let us know what we can do to make this experience special. We prefer that you contact us earlier rather than later so that we can make accommodations to meet your needs as early as we can and with the least disruption, if possible.


Degree Requirements

All OOMPH students must fulfill the following degree requirements prior to degree conferral:

  • Complete a minimum of 42 units, including 6 core/breadth courses
  • Attend the On-Campus Summer Visits during both Summers to fulfill the 15-day residency requirement
  • Complete the Practicum milestone
  • Pass the Comprehensive Exam during your final term

New Student Orientation

There is a mandatory virtual Student Orientation for newly admitted students. The orientation takes place about 3 weeks before the 1st day of online instruction. The OOMPH admission team will provide you with information about the date and time of your orientation. 

During the session, you will meet the OOMPH team, learn more about the program. You will  have an opportunity to introduce yourself and ask questions.


Fall 2022 New Student Orientation

UC Berkeley Email Address

You are required by the UC Berkeley campus to use your Berkeley email address ( for all your campus related email communication. All OOMPH information is communicated using your Berkeley e-mail address.

New Student Training

All new students are required to take the OOMPH 101 primer on culture, navigation, and expectations for Online MPH courses. This training is available during a “week zero” module in your first OOMPH course. You will have access to the training one week prior to the course start date with a two week time frame to complete it. 

University Health Services

University Health Services (UHS) provides comprehensive medical, mental health, and health promotion services to all Cal students and a variety of occupational health services to faculty and staff.

All registered UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students, including Online MPH students, are automatically enrolled in the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) as a way to meet the university’s health insurance mandate.

SHIP Waiver

SHIP can be waived under certain circumstances during specified waiver periods with strict deadlines. The Berkeley SHIP Spring 2022 Waiver Period Opens December 1st, 2021. If you would like to waive SHIP for Spring 2022, all waiver applications must be received by January 15th, 2022. All waivers received between January 2, 2022 and January 15, 2022, will be subject to a late fee of $75. Absolutely no waiver applications will be accepted after January 15, 2022.

For detailed information and instructions from the OOMPH Team about how to waive SHIP see BERKELEY STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN (SHIP) & DEADLINES TO WAIVE ENROLLMENT.

If you have questions regarding the waiver process or need support please email Enrollment and Waiver Coordinator, Sheila Edwards at

Student Resources

Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment Prevention Education

Both the University and the campus community have made it a priority to ensure that harm and violence have no place at Cal. This can include but is not limited to, hate or bias-related incidents, sexual violence, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Through numerous trainings, we are equipping our campus with the skills to recognize instances of potential harm or violence and offer help safely, be that by de-escalating, intervening, or reporting any potentially violent or concerning situations.

Prevention Education Requirements

All students are required to complete prevention education training in order to be able to register for classes.

  • New on-campus students must take online training and an in-person presentation.
  • New online students must take only the online training.
  • You will be emailed a personalized link to Think About It for Graduate Students with information about how to complete this online training.The link will also be available at CalCentral.
  • Training must be completed or a hold will be placed on your registration.

If you have any questions about these expectations, please email


Accommodations for students with disabilities needing to complete this requirement may be requested through the Disabled Students Program. Visit the Academic Accommodations Hub student and instructor portal for information about support resources and academic policies.

If you have any questions about the DSP process, please contact Julie Moss, the DSP liaison for OOMPH.

Graduate Division

Berkeley Graduate Division is the central service center for graduate education on campus, overseeing degree completion, professional development, and policy administration for UC Berkeley graduate students.

SPH Library Online

The Bioscience, Natural Resources & Public Health Library offers resources and services you can access remotely, such as research guides, databases, and electronic copies of library materials where available.

Check the Library FAQ for frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions about library resources, please contact Michael Sholinbeck.