Student Employment Opportunities

GSI Appointments

Search for Open Positions

All open OOMPH GSI positions are advertised in PHLEX, a BPH job board hosted by Career Services.  Many opportunities are also sent out to students via BPH student listservs.


  • All UC Berkeley GSI Candidates should be familiar with these 1st time GSI and eligibility requirements.  Additional campus-wide student employment guidelines can be found on the Graduate Division website.
  • OOMPH students who have completed first year courses, are currently registered and in good academic standing are eligible for GSI appointments.
  • Students interested in GSI appointments should check in with their academic advisors about balancing a GSI position with coursework and other commitments.

Length of Courses and Appointments

Full Term, 15 week Courses = 5 month GSI appointment, 25% Effort

  • Fall: August 1 – December 31
  • Spring: January 1 – May 31

Half Term, 8 week Courses = 3 month GSI appointment, 40% Effort

  • Fall 1: August 1 – October 31
  • Fall 2: October 1 – December 31
  • Spring 1: January 1 – March 31
  • Spring 2: March 1 – May 31

Summer, 7 week Courses = 2 ½ month GSI appointment, 40% Effort

  • Summer 1: May 1 – July 15
  • Summer 2: June 15 – August 31

Time Commitment

As a Course Facilitator you will be part of an instructional team led by the Faculty Instructor. Course enrollment numbers determine the size of the instructional team with one Course Facilitator for every 35 students enrolled in the course. At 36 students, a second Course Facilitator is hired. 

GSIs are hired at either 25% effort (average of 10 hours/week) or 40% effort (average of 16 hours per week), depending on the course length (see above).  The appointment period includes course preparations and training, the weeks of course delivery and final exam week through the calculation of course grades.  Instructors are expected to manage teaching team duties and prioritize work activities for GSIs so as not to exceed the appointed level of effort.  


Fall/Spring Semester Appointments:

Residential MPH Students

Online MPH Students

  • Monthly Salary: equal to the appointed % effort times the monthly GSI salary rate
  • Partial Fee Remission (includes SHIP)
    • Covers Program Fees for the appointed semester, not to exceed the total Partial Fee Remission amount ($9,276.00 for AY20-21)


Summer Appointments:

  • Monthly Salary: equal to the appointed % effort times the monthly Summer Sessions GSI salary rate
  • There is no fee remission for Summer positions.

Course Facilitator Responsibilities and Expectations

Each course will have its own course site within the bCourses system.  In bCourses, students will access course content, activities and assignments as well as interact with classmates and instructors.  Course Facilitators contribute greatly to the success of OOMPH courses by interacting with students and providing grading and feedback. While the exact responsibilities will depend on the design of the course and the direction of the Faculty Instructor, Course Facilitators provide both instructional support and student learning support throughout the instruction period.  All Course Facilitators are expected to do the following:

  1. Respond to student emails within 24 hours of receiving them (M-F) and once over the weekend.
  2. Provide students with timely (within 72-96 hours of due date) feedback/grading on all assignments.
  3. Hold a one hour office hour session each week of instruction.
  4. Monitor student progress for assigned students and update Faculty Instructors weekly on student progress and concerns.  Brief instructors about any students that are exceeding expectations or failing to meet course deadlines.  Both groups of students should be identified as early as possible and given appropriate feedback throughout the remainder of the course as directed by the Faculty Instructor.  Include in your weekly progress report, any feedback on the design and effectiveness of course materials and assignments.
  5. Look ahead at future week’s pages in the course site.  Look for broken links, missing materials and unclear instructions.  Bring these to the Faculty Instructor’s attention.
  6. Complete other duties as assigned by the Faculty Instructor such as facilitating online discussion forums and/or monitoring progress on group projects and facilitating group interactions.

You are not expected to provide technical support for students and should direct students to report technical issues to the 24/7 technical support found on the course site and in the course syllabus.

Course Facilitator Training and Support

Course Facilitator Training & Support

OOMPH faculty and staff are available for training and support throughout your appointment. 

The Online Course Facilitator Handbook introduces the basics of online education as practiced by the ONLINE MPH program.

Technical training is provided for you to:                                                                                                         +

  • Access and navigate the bCourses site 
  • Upload and link to course files in bCourses
  • Use grading features in bCourses to provide feedback to students on assignments
  • Conduct web conferences for office hours
  • Create and share tutorial videos
  • Use communication tools to create a stronger online community

Campus First time GSI requirements

GSIs for online courses are required to complete campus-wide requirements for first-time GSIs if they have not done so already.  Instructors are responsible for directing first time GSIs to “First-Time GSI Requirements” and how and when to sign up for “Pedagogy Course for First-Time GSIs” sections.  Details of these campus wide requirements are found at:

Policies for taking PH375: GSI pedagogy course

All first time Course Facilitators are required to enroll in and complete a pedagogy orientation course  to learn teaching strategies and methods of their discipline and to support them throughout their first semester of teaching.

OOMPH Students: 375 courses can be used toward the MPH degree as an elective.  Students who do not wish to use the course toward their 42 total required degree units can request program fee waiver for taking a 375 course.  Please contact your Program Manager to make arrangements.

For residential students taking a 375 course, it is part of the tuition package. There is no additional cost.

Orientation to Online Courses

All first time Course Facilitators are required to complete the Online Teaching Primer topics:

navigating bCourses, creating assignments, creating and moderating quizzes, moderating discussion forums, policies, providing student feedback, facilitating group dynamics, course communication, and proctoring.