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OOMPH Comprehensive Exam Overview and Preparation

As part of your journey towards completing your MPH degree milestones, you will take the OOMPH Comprehensive Exam in your final semester. This is an exciting time for students!

We have the benefit of knowing how much you have invested in your courses and the quality of your individual and group work. We believe that you are well prepared to pass the Comprehensive Exam by the time you arrive at your final semester.

Upcoming Comprehensive Exam dates are listed below:

Fall 2022: Oct. 17th-23rd (students scheduled to take the exam this term will be contacted with proctoring options)


Comprehensive Exam Summer 2022 Instructions

You have one attempt at the exam and will not be able to access your submission after the exam is complete. Exam will be open from October 17th-23rd and must be completed by 11:59pm PT on Sunday, October 23rd.

Once you click begin, the clock will start ticking and you have 210 minutes to complete the exam. DO NOT click begin until you are ready. Once you’ve logged into the exam, you cannot pause it or reset it to start over.

No communication with others or assistance on the exam is allowed. You will be asked to sign an honor statement confirming as soon as you begin the exam should it be determined that the proctor requirement will be waived.


Fall 2022 Comp Exam will be here:

Click to Access Summer 2022 Comprehensive Exam

Click to Access Spring 2022 Comprehensive Exam

Recommended Preparation and Eligibility

In your second-to-last semester, you will receive an invitation to a comprehensive exam preparation group. You will have access to a study prep guide with sample exam questions and a space to collaborate with your colleagues as you review course materials. We encourage you to study with your exam prep group until the exam period begins . The exam is open book (see allowable resources in the Exam Introduction). We suggest using this  for organizing a small set of notes and to guide your studying.

To be eligible for taking the Comprehensive Examination:

  • Students must have completed their Practicum.
  • Students must have resolved all Incompletes in required courses.
  • Students must be in “good academic standing.” Students on academic probation must be reinstated to “good academic standing” prior to taking the Comprehensive Examination.
  • Students must be registered and enrolled in courses in the term they take the Comprehensive Exam or on filing fee (please see below). The Graduate Division’s Comprehensive Exam eligibility requirements can be found hereLinks to an external site..

You may petition to take the exam earlier than your last semester of coursework or after you have completed your last semester of courses. Please note if you take the exam after you have completed your last semester of courses you may be charged a filing feeLinks to an external site. by the Berkeley campus.

Exam Results

Students who take the exam during the scheduled exam dates can expect to receive results by email one month after the final day of the exam period. Completion of the exam is posted in CalCentral by the end of your last term even if you take the exam before your last semester.

Each exam will have a group space for prep materials and the option to contact and prepare with classmates also taking the exam. Students are invited to join the Exam Prep Group the term before they take the exam.

A. Exam Objectives

The main purpose of the exam is to provide an opportunity for you to apply and demonstrate the knowledge and core competencies you have learned during your time in the program to holistically approach and address public health challenges. You can draw from a cross-section of your coursework to respond to case study and multiple choice questions.

B. Exam Format

The exam consists of long and short essay questions as well as multiple choice questions. You will have some options in selecting essay questions. Your instructors have contributed to the development of exam questions.

C. Allowable Resources
  • Open book: you can use any printed or digital materials from the program or course files downloaded from bCourses (e.g., Berkeley Box or course site): including readers, textbooks, articles, notes, or other materials downloaded from bCourses or Berkeley Box.
  • Calculators are permitted: physical calculators or calculators on the proctor’s computer. No phone or other mobile devices may be used to access a calculator. 
  • No Internet other than course site & Berkeley Box (linked from course site).
  • No use of flash drives or mobile devices (phones, tablets).
  • Personal laptops allowed only when requested by proctoring center (i.e. students taking exam on campus will use personal laptops to access exam page).
  • Bathroom breaks allowed.
  • Students may use scratch paper for calculations; proctor will collect and destroy scratch paper following the exam.

*Note: Non-native speakers of English may use an English dictionary.

D. Time Limit

3.5 hours


IMPORTANT: If you are using an off-campus proctor, please confirm IN ADVANCE with the proctor that they are able to administer online exams and that they can provide a computer that meets the minimum systems and browser requirements for the Canvas Learning Management System:

Minimum System Requirements: (Links to an external site.)

Minimum Browser Requirements:

Use the following contacts for assistance with urgent matters on day of the exam.

Contact for technical issues with the bCourses/Canvas platform.

  • Canvas 24/7 technical support: 855-308-2758

Contact for questions or concerns regarding the exam, proctoring center, allowable resources, or policies:

  • Julie Moss, OOMPH instructional designer: 510-480-1892 (mobile)